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Biomimicry Ideas: Natural Models for Sustainable Business Relationships and Interactions

As a design concept, biomimicry has been applied to everything from solar cells to air conditioning to the efficiency of web servers. Given those examples, as well as others you might run across, it’s easy to think of this concept primarily in technical terms: biomimicry’s about getting things to perform as efficiently as their counterparts […]

Delivering Nature’s Wisdom to Business

A biologist by training, Janice is a passionate proponent of using nature’s wisdom, based on billions of years of refinement, to discover “nonpolluting, energy-efficient manufacturing technologies” that can be applied to provide elegant design solutions for commercial enterprises.

April 11th

Biomimicry: HVAC Inspired by Termites

Add this biomimetic project to the board! Architect, Mick Pierce and engineers at Arup Associates successfully took inspiration from nature when designing the heating and cooling system of the Eastgate Centre in Harare, Zimbabwe, the country’s largest office and shopping complex. Where did they get this inspiration? African Termites! If you’ve ever seen a termite […]

December 12th