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White-Throated Sparrows and the Return of Old Sam Peabody

Just because I am an admitted “nature lover,” that does not mean I have an equal affection for everything in and about nature. Who does? I mean, does anyone really love mosquitoes? Cockroaches? Hurricanes? Natural pests and disasters aside, there is one thing about nature in particular that is always hard to love or even […]

October 26th

Birdbaths Are the Greatest Invention EVER

Forget the wheel. Forget plumbing. Forget the plough. Forget the printing press. Forget electricity. Forget the automobile. Forget the airplane. Forget the atomic bomb. Forget the television. Forget the cell phone. Forget the beer helmet. Forget Cup-O-Noodles…. The greatest human invention ever, the thing that makes our human lives worth living and will serve as […]

August 10th