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We’ve got blogathon prizes…

Yep, it’s been a few weeks since our blogathon for the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, but we’ve still got some business to attend to: namely, getting our prizes out. I did the drawing early, but there have been some communication snafus. But, we’ve finally got our ducks in a row here, and can announce the prize […]

Another Blogathon update…

We’re still processing after the blogathon, but there were a couple of items I wanted to bring to your attention: Liz McClellan of Hyperlocavore got a guest post to me after the event had ended (and I was sound asleep!). This one’s really interesting because she knew Dancing Rabbit co-founder Tony Sirna and Rachel Katz […]

Dancing Rabbit Blogathon Wrap Up

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Dancing Rabbit co-founder Tony Sirna for providing this wrap-up post! We’ll also be doing the prize drawing very shortly, and announce those winners. The Sustainablog Pedal Powered Blogathon to benefit Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage was a huge success.  We had a great time at Dancing Rabbit and at the Milkweed Mercantile […]

March 31st

And we’re out… (PPB #40)

It’s been 24 hours since we started this shindig… and what a great time it’s been! Brian and I are pretty zonked, but we’re so grateful to all of you that gave your support before and after the event. Many thanks to the blog contributors (including Gil Friend, who did give us a shout-out on […]

DIY Vertical Gardening Projects (PPB #35)

I’m so glad we’re finally getting some gardening posts into the mix: it’s likely the one radically sustainable activity that almost anybody can integrate into their lives. Jeffrey Davis at The Fun Times Guide to Living Green emphasizes that “almost anybody” part with four vertical gardening projects. Live in an apartment, a condo, or some […]

Gym Credit for Gardening (PPB #34)

I don’t know about you, but I got physical education credit in school for showing up, dressing out, getting picked near last for the team, and then getting my butt kicked in whatever sport we were playing. Perhaps that teaches some brand of character… but I would’ve loved what New Jersey’s Princeton Public High School […]

Five Reasons Zombies are Green… (PPB #31)

Enzio Ludwig is a 13-year-old resident of Dancing Rabbit… and into zombies. Zombies, this may come as a surprise to you, are, in addition to being awesome, very Eco-friendly. If you doubt my hypothesis, than examine these facts: 5. Zombies absorb otherwise useless bullets. 4. Zombies don’t consume food; this limits the amount of waste […]

A Bike with a Reputation (PPB #30)

That’s how Karen Hanrahan, of Best of Mother Earth, describes her son’s bike… she also labels it a “mutt.” What’s up with the bike? He picked up this rusted to heck green ten speed Schwinn, for $60 at Working Bikes Co-op. Someone had converted it to an 8 speed. Already that’s a tad odd. He […]

Why I live here (instead of doing some of the other cool sustainability stuff I could be doing) (PPB #28)

Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig is another resident at Dancing Rabbit who’s written a post for us… My background is in community living and sustainability education. I’ve been to about 75 different residential intentional communities and have been privileged to be part of a lot of amazing sustainability work. Still, Dancing Rabbit stands out for me, and […]

Changing Habits: A Radical Act? (PPB #25)

It takes thirty days to change a habit, right? If it were only that easy… we know patterns we’ve built up over our lifetimes don’t change on a dime… or necessarily a month. It’s tough… and also critical to our growth. Zachary Shahan has contributed another guest post to our little soiree; he’s posted this […]

Another Perspective on Earth Hour (PPB #24)

When I wrote my post on Earth Hour in the wee hours, I did not know that Beth Buczynski would also be covering the topic for her guest post at the Ecospheric Blog. But I’m glad she did… she brings in some of the political controversy surrounding the event (“Human Achievement Hour,” anyone), and encourages […]

More Blogathon Photos (PPB #22)

In trying to keep up with all of the posts going up at various sites, I missed this post at Alline’s blog with more photos from last evening’s festivities. We’re sure to have more later in the day, as people are coming by to join us for for breakfast from 7-10… have to get this […]