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Imitating Erasmus

Desiderius Erasmus is a hero of mine.  He was a 16th century monk from Rotterdam who maintained correspondence with most of the educated world of his day.  He translated the Hebrew Scriptures to the vernacular language.  On behalf of the Pope, he wrote grand theological works like “The Freedom of the Will,” which was a […]

July 13th

SolveClimate: Media Savvy Youth are Blogging Coal to Death

Editor’s note: This post was written by Rachel Barge, and originally published on Tuesday, March 31, at SolveClimate. We all know young people have a handle on the Internet like no other demographic. My generation grew up playing computer games, had PC literacy classes in elementary school, and secretly hijacked the internet for music pirating […]

April 3rd

This Blogger’s Getting Back to Blogging…

Over the past few months, my own blogging output has dropped dramatically as I’ve focused on “behind the scenes” efforts for the larger GO Media network. While that was a necessary step, and one that’s contributed to the network’s dramatic growth over the past few months, I’ve also really missed blogging.  Building a company is […]

September 24th