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5 Latest Trends in Sustainability

Sustainability is a term that covers various aspects of living hand in hand with our environment, and it’s one that we can all benefit from, from cheap electricity to healthier food and cleaner cities and countryside. We take a look at five of the latest trends in sustainability below.

Ten Commandments for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

When it comes to chiseling our emissions profile down to a more respectable and streamlined shape, we are all aware of the usual suspects. You know — those tweakings of lifestyle that are regularly wheeled out, just to add a splash of greenwash to a magazine article. Such actions often don’t seem capable of shifting […]

January 5th

How to Feed the World and Get a Nobel Prize: Invent an Efficient Small Scale Haber/Bosch Process

[social_buttons] Ok, I didn’t actually clear this challenge with the Nobel Committee, but I think we could convince them.  Nobels were awarded early in the 20th century when German scientists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch made the sequential advances that made it possible to make synthetic nitrogen fertilizer from the nitrogen gas that makes up […]

November 14th

Five Good Reasons to Eat Non-Local Food (Part 2 of 2)

[social_buttons] In part one of this blog I acknowledged that I enjoy local food as a special treat in my diet but described three reasons that the true “locovore” concept was impractical:  Limited Food Diversity, Quality Issues, and Water Issues.  I’ll continue.

August 10th