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Urban Agriculture in Chicago

Editor’s note: this post is a part of our series on successful urban farming initiatives in the United States. While much green development over the past decade or so has happened on the coasts, Chicago has demonstrated to the rest of the US that flyover country has plenty to contribute on this front, also. Mayor […]

Earth Pups: Chicago Woman Fulfills Dream of Green Doggy Daycare

Julie Thomas had been working for LaSalle Bank for ten years when she got her final assignment. She was transferred to Chicago to sell the bank-essentially, to sell herself out of a job. In that situation, most people of Thomas’ ilk would have begun the search for another corporate career. But with new-found freedom and […]

June 25th

MeGoGreen Boosts Green Business with Power of Youth

So you’ve resolved to start the New Year with a focus on being more earth-friendly in your purchases. You want to make sure that you spend your money on businesses that produce their goods and services in sustainable ways. You’ve resolved to avoid the big box stores in favor of local businesses when possible because […]

January 15th

Sustainable Architecture Benefits Chicago’s Underprivileged

The urban fabric of Chicago is getting greener every year. Since 1989, more than 500,000 trees have been planted, more than 80 miles of landscaped medians constructed, and 2 million square feet of green roofs built or negotiated—more than all other American cities combined. But the more significant greening is happening in the built environment, […]

December 3rd

Locavores Invade Chicago

Wow, that sounds ominous! Rather, in Chicago, and around the Midwest, the local food trend in catching on, just as it has on the coasts. September will see numerous “eat local” challenges being hosted by a variety of organizations around the country, and the Windy City’s Green City Market will join in by sponsoring an […]

Wild Things… You Make My Heart Sing…

OK, cut me a little slack… I’m not nearly as bad about cheesy musical allusions as some…;-) More green goings-on in Chicago this weekend — seems like that’s often the case lately! On Saturday, The Habitat Project, along with a whole slew of other organizations, is hosting Wild Things: A Chicago Wilderness conference. This one-day […]

February 28th