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From Fashion Students to Business Owners: An Inside Look at Nula Kids’ Journey to Create Adjustable Children’s Clothing [Interview]

Thanks to more transparency in the sustainable fashion industry, we, the customers, are no longer outsiders in the clothing manufacturing processes. We have the resources to track the sources of designers’ fabrics and other materials, the seamstresses who sewed the looks together, and the effects production and shipping have on the environment. Business owners are […]

January 13th

St. Louis’ First Green Children’s Store: Verde Kids

There are countless things parents may worry about when caring for their child(ren) but having a place to shop that provides 100% earth friendly products can be crossed off of the list. Verde Kids of St. Louis is the first “green” store catering to the needs of children from birth to age eight. It offers […]

June 17th

Ten Ways to Reduce Your Toddler’s Ecological Footprint

Eco-conscious parents can be overwhelmed by the amount of plastic-filled, extravagantly packaged, and ultimately unnecessary items that are commonly marketed for babies and toddlers. But parents need not despair: not only is it possible to avoid the wastefulness of a commercialized childhood, it is also easier than you think to instill your Earth-friendly values in […]

May 4th