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Redefining Security for the 21st Century

The situation in which we find ourselves pushes us to redefine security in twenty-first century terms. The time when military forces were the prime threat to security has faded into the past. The threats now are climate volatility, spreading water shortages, continuing population growth, spreading hunger, and failing states. The challenge is to devise new fiscal priorities that match these new security threats.

President Obama: Lead America to Clean Energy Now

As far back as Richard Nixon, every American president has called for energy reform and action to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. And for 40 years, not a single one followed through to create real change. President Obama has expressed his public commitment to passing strong climate and energy reform in 2010. But, with the legislative […]

July 20th

Earth Hour’s Tonight: What are Your Plans? (PPB #16)

It’s now the 27th here in the Central time zone, and that means it’s Earth Hour day: at 8:30 tonight local time, people, businesses, schools, and even some well-known landmarks will be turning off the lights for an hour. Sponsored by WWF, this symbolic gesture by millions around the world is meant to demonstrate global […]

Eco-Economy Indicator: Past Decade the Hottest on Record

By Amy Heinzerling The first decade of the twenty-first century was the hottest since recordkeeping began in 1880. With an average global temperature of 14.52 degrees Celsius (58.1 degrees Fahrenheit), this decade was 0.2 degrees Celsius (0.36 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than any previous decade. The year 2005 was the hottest on record, while 2007 and […]

January 14th

Ice Melting Faster Everywhere

By Alexandra Giese From the Arctic sea ice to the Antarctic interior and the mountainous peaks of Peru, Alaska, and Tibet, ice is melting at an alarming rate. The accelerating loss of ice sheets, sea ice, and glaciers is one of the most powerful and striking indicators of a warming climate. The most notable ice […]

December 23rd

Stabilizing Climate: Beyond International Agreements

by Lester R. Brown from Book Bytes Note: the following was written in July 2009, before the Copenhagen climate change conference. From my pre-Copenhagen vantage point, internationally negotiated climate agreements are fast becoming obsolete for two reasons. First, since no government wants to concede too much compared with other governments, the negotiated goals for cutting […]

December 22nd

Clinton to Address Climate Change, Energy in China

Certain pairs just seem to go together: peas and carrots; peanut butter and jelly; and teenagers and cell phones. Clinton and China is another magical combination: at least, that has been the case for Bill Clinton. Throughout his presidency, a time in which China entered the WTO, and subsequent philanthropic involvement in China, Clinton has […]

February 8th

Bayer Invests Over a Billion in Climate Change

Bayer – the multinational chemical giant that also makes your aspirin – has announced it will spend $1.46 billion dollars in the next three years on a new climate program aimed at cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to global warming. This is the first I’ve heard of Bayer taking a leadership role in […]

November 26th

Dispatches from Paros: Wrapping It Up

Wanted to get this up last night, but was still feeling the effects of jet lag. I’ll have something original for you this evening, though… While my title is not exactly accurate, as I’m back home in St. Louis now, I wanted to get in one more post wrapping up my coverage of last week’s […]

Dispatches from Paros: Climate Changes Everything

Last week, I mentioned that I would occasionally veer from the course I set out for the relaunch of sustainablog, and that you’d see some of those exceptions this week. The reason — I’m currently in Greece attending the Papandreou foundation’s annual Symi Symposium. To stay on top of the developments here, I’ll be doing […]

Cavemen and Climate Change

Just finished reading a fascinating post at The Oil Drum that Prof. Goose emailed out on Friday. Titled “Climate Change, Sabre Tooth Tigers and Devaluing the Future,” writer Nate Hagens thinks about the inability to generate wide-scale action on peak oil (the focus at TOD) and climate change. Digging deeply (for a blog post, anyway) […]

February 25th