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Clinton to Address Climate Change, Energy in China

Certain pairs just seem to go together: peas and carrots; peanut butter and jelly; and teenagers and cell phones. Clinton and China is another magical combination: at least, that has been the case for Bill Clinton. Throughout his presidency, a time in which China entered the WTO, and subsequent philanthropic involvement in China, Clinton has […]

February 8th

Clean Coal? I Don’t Think So!

The next time someone tells you about clean coal, remind them of the coal ash spill in Tennessee, bigger than the Exxon Valdez disaster. Or better yet, point them to the Think Progress video that shows the reality of the clean coal oxymoron in just 34 seconds.

February 5th

Wind Energy Jobs Surpass Coal Mining Jobs

Todd Woody reported last week that the wind energy industry now employs more people than coal mining. That is 85,000 jobs in wind – a 70% increase from 2007 – to coal mining’s 81,000 jobs. Not bad for an industry that is expected to continue to grow, even if not at the levels of the […]

February 3rd

Solar Powered Coal Plant?

[social_buttons]Is coal going clean? Not exactly. But new efforts are seeking to give this notoriously dirty fuel source a sustainable and renewable boost. The Electric Power Research Institute has launched two projects that will infuse solar energy into already existing coal fired electrical generation plants.  Solar power and coal have traditionally been the poster children […]

January 30th

U.S. Permits Expansion of Coal Mine on Navajo Sacred Ground

This is a guest post by Caitlin Sislin, a public interest environmental attorney in Oakland, California and founder of the Transformative Advocacy program of Women’s Earth Alliance. On December 22nd, 2008, the U.S. Department of Interior’s Office of Surface Mining granted Peabody Western Coal Company a “life-of-mine” permit for its Black Mesa project. The permit […]

January 8th

Look into the Light: the CFL

If you ask Simran about compact florescent light bulbs, she may crack one open and cut you. Not really, that would scatter mercury, but she is loca for the light bulbs. Check Monday’s Huffington Post for the full version of this post. People give you this whole rap about how easy saving the planet is. […]

July 20th

Tonight on “The Green”: Recycling — Beyond the Blue Bin

Do you recycle? The seemingly innocuous question comes with all sorts of ethical baggage these days: for many Americans, recycling is not just an initial step into a greener life, but also an activity suffused with moral weight. While many will argue about the significance of individuals and families recycling items they might otherwise throw […]

FutureGen Coal Plant Starts Over

A U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) project called FutureGen was originally a $1 billion coal plant to produce hydrogen and test carbon capture and sequestration technology (CCS). CCS means that the carbon dioxide (CO2) – a major contributor to global warming – is captured before it’s spewed into the atmosphere and then transferred underground for […]

February 4th

Cleantech Possibilities for 2008

The end of 2007 brought with it news of cleantech developments for 2008 and beyond. Here are a few that I found most interesting. Do any sound promising to you? Fuel Cubes A Minnesota company called Renewafuel has developed a biomass briquette that is similar in size and moisture content to coal, produces a consistent […]

January 2nd

Coal Plants Cancelled in Wyoming

I may begin to sound like a broken record here, but yet another coal plant has been pulled because of global warming-related concerns. Back in October, the Kansas Department of Health denied a coal plant permit solely because of its carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions (CO2 is a major contributor to global warming). Not long after, […]

December 19th

Washington Rejects Coal Plant’s “Plan to Make a Plan”

Regulatory bodies that reject coal plants because of global warming emissions are becoming a more common occurrence in the U.S. Kansas, Texas, and Florida have all rejected plants because of climate change concerns and now Washington State has just shot down a new coal plant because it couldn’t come up with a satisfactory answer for […]

December 3rd