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New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off. According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, […]

January 7th

No More Styrofoam: Rise of the Reusable Coffee Mug

Imagine ordering your favorite coffee drink without grabbing one of those disposable cups, but using a cool reusable cup instead. It may not be something you think about when you stop at your favorite coffee shop in the morning, but you should. If everyone used a reusable cup for their daily cup of coffee, imagine […]

August 25th

Greening Your Morning Coffee

This morning I stopped at Starbucks for a treat – a soy gingerbread latte.  As I walked through the door berating myself for not bringing my travel mug, I noticed again all of the disposable cups and associated waste we now accept as part of our morning coffee ritual.  Over 50% of adult Americans, more […]

January 14th

Starbucks to Double Its Purchase of Fair Trade Coffee in 2009

Earlier this month, Starbucks took a beating by environmentalists when it was reported that the coffee chain was wasting up to 6 million gallons of water daily. Just a few weeks later, the are making environmental news again, but this time for something positive they are doing. Yesterday, TransFair USA and the Fairtrade Labelling Organiations […]

October 29th