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Building Bridges: Scarcity vs. Abundance

From biodiversity loss to peak oil to the need for recycling, many of the messages coming from the environmental community have one common underlying theme: scarcity. Messages of scarcity take their power from the fear they produce. As marketing guru Seth Godin points out, fear is a powerful emotion that can make people act. Tell […]

November 30th

Voyage to the Center of the United States: Love, Theft and Theory

Dearest Sustainablog! Thank you for welcoming me back after an extended hiatus travelling our great American countryside.  Burned out from the stresses of the Sust Enable project, my partner Scott and I took off for the great wilds of U.S. National Parks in early August.  I haven’t written a blog since, as my adventures swept […]

September 12th

Civilized Communication About Global Warming, Energy, Environment And Stuff; Naysayers, I’m Open for Persuasion

Why do we have give-and-takes like this? A: “Global warming exists. Let’s do something about it.” B: “Screw you! Global warming is a commie, liberal farce!” A: “We should harvest the wind and sun for energy.” B: “Screw you! My car is set up for petroleum; my house likes coal-fired electricity…commie, liberal farce!” “We should care […]

September 12th