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How I Created a (Nearly) Paperless Office

I’ve found that nothing weighs more than paper — at least when you are tired and at the end of your day, and the boss wants you to recycle that double stack of reports or used white paper. Why create all of that in the first place? If you go as paperless as you can, […]

May 24th

Americans Want to Know: “How Do I Recycle My Computer?”

Aluminum cans? Plastic bottles? Newspapers? Though recycling statistics show that we’ve still got some work to do on diverting wastes away from landfills, you’ve probably got a good idea of how to recycle these common household items. But what about computers and televisions? Paint? Used motor oil? Earth 911’s search statistics for 2009, released today, […]

10-Step Guide to Buying a Used Laptop That Works

Buying second-hand products is always green, but it’s easy to be discouraged by the stories of broken laptops from eBay or Craigslist. To quell these fears, here is a 10-step checklist on how to find a used laptop that isn’t just a high-tech lemon. Most wouldn’t flinch at the idea of buying a used car, […]

September 21st