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Why You Need to Experience Nature to Be a True Conservationist

Going green is the latest fad.  Environmental conservation is at the heart of a more eco-friendly lifestyle.  Whether you are motivated by health, environmental concerns or current trends, there’s a lot of advice out there to help you live a greener lifestyle.  Using your wallet to support ethical companies and products is effective; however, I […]

September 8th

Why I live here (instead of doing some of the other cool sustainability stuff I could be doing) (PPB #28)

Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig is another resident at Dancing Rabbit who’s written a post for us… My background is in community living and sustainability education. I’ve been to about 75 different residential intentional communities and have been privileged to be part of a lot of amazing sustainability work. Still, Dancing Rabbit stands out for me, and […]

St. Croix Falls: A Sustainable Community Connected by Trails

Imagine that: Walking through a network of trails from our Wissahickon Farms Country Inn, a rustic private cabin nestled in the woods, to grab dinner in town more than a mile away where the restaurant, Indian Creek Orchard Winery and Grille, features mostly local ingredients to prepare their Elk burgers and homemade sauces and soups. […]

September 9th

Ten Green Ringtones You Can Cut to Fight Big Coal

Just when it seemed solar and wind power–with a hand from good old conservation–might be gaining ground on Big Coal, the West Virginia Coal Association comes up with a ringtone to further promote coal. Ouch! With lyrics like… West Virginia coal gonna take you on a ride, Gonna take you to the city to the […]

May 13th

Low Impact Living: Steps To A Water Neutral Home

Editor’s note: This post was written by Jason Pelletier, and originally published at Low Impact Living on March 28, 2009. If you’re one of those folks out there who is suffering from a bit of carbon fatigue, then a post in the NY Times’ Green Inc. blog this week could either provide additional motivation for green projects or […]

March 29th

Earth Policy Institute: Slide Show for Plan B 3.0 — Mobilizing to Save Civilization Earth Policy Institute (EPI) has created a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes Lester Brown’s latest book, Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization. It quickly reviews the book’s key concepts using data, facts, and figures, including the Plan B blueprint for reducing net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions 80 percent by 2020 to stabilize climate. All […]

Green Globetrotting with Eco Hotels of the World

Showcasing the most environmentally-friendly hotels in the world, Eco Hotels of the World is a leading global online guide for the ultimate in green travel accommodations, from sustainably designed new hotels or resorts to once-in-a-lifetime ecotravel experiences like staying in an igloo in Switzerland.  Each accommodation is evaluated based on a five star rating system […]

March 4th

Eat Chips, Save Trash: One L.A. Guy’s Almost Zero-waste Year

Think hardcore environmentalism requires living like a monk? Not if you ask Dave Chameides, a steadicam operator living in L.A. who collected all his trash for a year and blogged about the project. Dave created less trash in all of 2008 than an average American family throws out in a week. And more impressively, he […]

January 27th

Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Surviving the Financial Crisis?

Are you surviving the financial crisis? While the mainstream media seem more interested in spinning stories of foreclosures, bankruptcies and the like, millions of Americans who have gone green in either their homes, lifestyles or businesses have discovered a degree of sustained prosperity, security and stability, despite the tough times both nationally and globally. That’s […]

November 19th

Thank Global Warming for New Tree Growth

Quicker-melting snow cover will allow forests to encroach on meadows and, ironically, eventually aid in cooling the planet. Regina Rochefort, a National Park Service science adviser at Mount Rainier, said the meadows surrounding the famous peak have been shrinking because of less snowfall and shorter periods of snow cover. In the past, the snow has […]

October 13th