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The Art and Beauty of Minimizing Personal Possessions

Whereas many Americans simply can’t get enough shopping and continue to accumulate piles of material possessions, I simply love to scrounge through the things I already have to do just the very opposite – get rid of stuff. It’s incredibly refreshing! Many people live in overly large homes with spaces brimming with personal belongings. Material […]

December 7th

Escaping the Race: Shifting to a New Cultural Paradigm

Deep down, you know what you need to do. Deep down, it’s obvious that this isn’t the life we were meant to live. We didn’t evolve over millions of years to wreak new levels of havoc on the world year after year and sink further and further into unhappiness at the same time.

November 12th

That Free Thanksgiving Turkey isn’t Free

As Thanksgiving, aka “Turkey Day” to most Americans, draws near once again, supermarkets across the country are offering free turkeys as holiday promotions. The deal, of course, is that when you spend X dollars in the store, you get a free turkey to feed your family on Thanksgiving day. This enticement not being enough, the […]

November 11th

Christianity and the Environment

A comment on one of my posts last week gave me the idea of writing on the relationship between Christianity and the environment. Generally, when we think of this connection, many of us think about the “Religious Right” and their strong conservative beliefs and anti-environmental policies. What is at the root of Christianity, though? Can […]

July 22nd

Whose Responsibility is Sustainable Consumerism?

A new study titled Green AMPlified is aimed to “uncover how the growing ‘Green’ movement is impacting the way consumers perceive, evaluate and talk about companies and brands,” according to Anastasia Toomey of the AMP Agency which conducted the study of 18-49 year olds in April of this year. The results of the study are […]

July 31st

Earth Aid Group Buys: Green Consumers Coming Together

When the spirit of carpooling meets capitalism, what do you get? Of the possible answers, one new green one is Earth Aid Group Buys from the folks at Earth Aid Enterprises. This interesting concept brings green consumers together in order to harness their collective power and “leverage,” as it were, for large-volume discounts on eco-friendly […]

June 12th