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Ready to Write that Green Book?

Now may be as good a time as any: publisher Chelsea Green, home to authors ranging from Daily Kos‘ Markos Moulitsas to our own Lee Welles, is looking for proposals for its Green Guide series, and has launched a contest to find them. The winner of their Green Guide Contest will receive a publishing contract, […]

Think Green Live Green Challenge: Uh…. Hello?!

So, I was all ready to pick a new video to feature this week, and went over to the Think Green Live Green Challenge page on YouTube to enjoy the latest offerings. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there were none! Did everyone’s video camera crash at once? Or, were the initial week’s offerings just […]

Think Green Live Green Challenge: Video of the Week #1

The videos are starting to roll in for Juntoventure’s “Think Green Live Green Challenge,” and organizations and individuals are answering the call to discuss their green activities and questions on YouTube. While the collection of videos is fairly small one week into the entry period, several of the submissions could easily be contenders for the […]

Think Green, Live Green… and Make a Video!

User-created video contests are all the rage lately, and Juntoventure, a non-profit organization dedicated to “sustainability education through digital media,” has joined the fun with its “Think Green Live Green Challenge.” Starting tomorrow (Friday, January 18th), the Challenge invites participants to do a little bit more than just make a video about green living practices […]

Give a Shout-Out to Super (Fuel Efficient) Cars…

And maybe even win some cash. The folks over at PlanetThoughts kicked off their Super-Cars Shout Out Competition today as a way to recognize folks who are contributing to the fight against climate change by driving a high-mileage car. The concept is simple: according to the contest site, We all want to do what we […]