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8+ Ways to Upcycle Wine Corks Creatively

There is a bit of a toll on the environment when it comes to wine. The bottles are dark glass and so are easily recycled. But the corks are another story. What are you supposed to do with those strange little tops? How about upcycling them? There are plenty of ideas online. Here are seven […]

September 26th

9 Ways to Upcycle Glossy Magazines into Awesome Interior Design Art

You have probably been hearing a lot lately about upcycling, especially on DIY websites or places such as Etsy that specialize in homemade and craft items. But what is it? Upcycling is simply reusing one old object to spice up or change another. You can do this with any item, from clothing to lamps. But […]

August 8th

Green Gift Monday: a Rehash of our #ecogifts Chat

Well, last week’s #ecogifts chat on Twitter was a definite success… lots of great ideas from many different tweeters, with a really strong focus on gifts that you can’t buy. Among those who joined us was the folks at The Nature Conservancy (@nature_org), who put in a plug for their own Green Gift Monday initiative. […]