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Catastrophic Snow Storm Has Positive Impact on Ecovillage

Last week, a gigantic snow storm swept across the country, affecting many millions of people, with snow falling on a whopping 30 states, and record-setting snowfalls in many cities, countless stranded drivers and commuters with no way to make their way to work, and deadly cold blowing in and making recovery a difficult and sometimes […]

February 7th

Escaping the Race: Shifting to a New Cultural Paradigm

Deep down, you know what you need to do. Deep down, it’s obvious that this isn’t the life we were meant to live. We didn’t evolve over millions of years to wreak new levels of havoc on the world year after year and sink further and further into unhappiness at the same time.

November 12th

4 Ways You Can Entertain Yourself… Sustainably

So much of modern entertainment comes with a high ecological price tag, is socially isolating and disabling, and is downright culturally degrading at times, too. There are huge markets devoted to keeping people glued to their flashy television sets, buying the latest time-sucking video and computer games, convincing people to shell out over $10 for […]

October 22nd

The Recycled, Post-Industrial Green Building Material: Urbanite

Urbanite is the perfect symbol for the new natural building movement, the new wave of building that incorporates natural, local, and recycled materials in place of high embodied energy, destructive, and ultimately unsustainable building practices. Urbanite is the name for reclaimed, recycled concrete from the demolition of roads, buildings, and sidewalks. It is typically broken […]

April 6th

A Follow-Up to Living Without Electricity: What Is Truly Sustainable?

In my blogathon post, I wrote about ten reasons why I choose to live without electricity in my house. Inspired by some of our readers’ comments, I offer this follow-up post to further explain my choice to build a home without electricity. Choosing to live in a home without electricity is one of the battles […]

April 5th

First Earth: Watch this Earthen Building Documentary Online

There’s a growing ecological awareness in all aspects of daily life, but some of our newfangled environmental actions have already been in practice for hundreds (or thousands) or years. “Green building” is an architectural movement that attempts to take the environment more closely into account in designing buildings, but the movement is generally very commercial. […]

February 4th

Towards a (Re)Definition of Sustainability: Justin Van Kleeck and Caroline Savery. 4-Caroline

Dear Justin, You make some very effective arguments! You are right to use my own posts in illustrating your thoughts.  Granted, those posts, written toward the end of the Sust Enable project, demonstrate that my original concept of Sust Enable did not pan out because its original assumptions were flawed.  Indeed, for other people to […]

August 4th