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WeCycle Atlanta Teaches Sustainability, Cycling, & Recycling

Originally published on Ecopreneurist. What do bicycles and sustainability have to do with each other? If you are Shawn Walton of Atlanta, bicycles are a way to teach young people about recycling, growing their own food, and being good stewards of the earth. While an education major at Morehouse College, Walton rode his bicycle six […]

April 1st

Out of Work Chef + Cargo Bike= New Green Business

Losing his job in one of the worst job markets in recent memory just meant Ian Richie had to think outside of the (lunch) box. He began by delivering homemade soup to friends using his cargo bicycle and cooler and has added customers every week. The name of his business is SoupByCycle.

November 23rd

Community Composting Via Bikes?

Motivated by their love of bike culture and the environment, this enterprising group has built a cooperative business around transporting other businesses’ compost and recycling. Share on Facebook Did this story inspire you? Tell your friends, you might just: Catalyze a bike-powered disposal service in your city Get a friend to ride their bike more […]

November 8th

Moving Truck Rental Not Required – Bikes to the Rescue

Moving by Bike is Contagious Inspired by this video of a Portland, OR bike move, Nicholas Whitaker decided to help his girlfriend, Jes Schultz move her apartment by bike. Taking only two trips and about three hours, they successfully relocated her 1 bedroom apartment including futon, dresser and numerous odds and ends. This was all done […]

October 19th

A Bike with a Reputation (PPB #30)

That’s how Karen Hanrahan, of Best of Mother Earth, describes her son’s bike… she also labels it a “mutt.” What’s up with the bike? He picked up this rusted to heck green ten speed Schwinn, for $60 at Working Bikes Co-op. Someone had converted it to an 8 speed. Already that’s a tad odd. He […]