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Better Buildings Challenge Achieving Greater Commercial Building Energy Efficiency [Infographic]

Most of us associate “green building” with “energy-efficient homes”; when we think of buying energy, we immediately think of our own utility bills. But, as you might expect, commercial buildings and industrial facilities are huge users of energy, so President Obama and the Department of Energy launched the Better Buildings Challenge in 2011 to get more efficiency out of the $400 billion spent each year to power these installations.

Building America and the Builders Challenge, the DOE’s Guide to Improving Energy Efficiency

If you have never heard of the Department of Energy’s Building America initiative, started in the 1990’s, start paying attention. With tax incentives for home energy efficiency and the addition of the new Builders Challenge initiative, started in January of 2008 this program is likely to become increasingly popular. Building America works with research teams […]

March 9th