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Veganism: A Fad? Or the Future of Food? [Infographic]

While we haven’t done as much on veganism lately as we once did when Justin was submitting posts regularly, we’re still mindful of the impacts of the traditional animal-based diet on the environment and human health. So, while many will call this lifestyle choice a “fad” encouraged by the celebrity set, we know that veganism […]

February 21st

Reclaim Your Plate! The Sustainable Food Diet

The jury is in: the most sustainable way to feed yourself is to grow your own food. There are many factors considered when evaluating food sustainability.  The primary concern is: what is the ratio between how much land is used, and how many calories are produced? In asking this question, we can immediately eliminate meat […]

June 23rd

The “Sustainable Fitness Plan!”

Lose ten pounds in just three weeks! What does it take to get results like that? Trying to live in harmony with the Earth! Today marks the 24th day I have attempted to live environmentally sustainably. I sleep in a used tent, bike anywhere I want to go, volunteer biweekly at Landslide Community Farm, and […]

May 24th