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How to Raise an Eco-Friendly Puppy

“Can I have a puppy?” It’s inevitable.  Just about every young child is going to ask this question at some point.  You walk by the pet store in the mall, and suddenly, your little boy’s world revolves entirely around getting a puppy at some point in his very near future.  But, what does that mean […]

April 18th

Nope… No Green Gift Guide this Year

If you’ve spent anytime at all in the green blogosphere over the past week or two, you’ve run across at least one… a green gift guide, that is. They’re everywhere! No problem with that… they are helpful for finding new and/or innovative products you might want to give to a person on your list… but […]

November 29th

Five Reasons Zombies are Green… (PPB #31)

Enzio Ludwig is a 13-year-old resident of Dancing Rabbit… and into zombies. Zombies, this may come as a surprise to you, are, in addition to being awesome, very Eco-friendly. If you doubt my hypothesis, than examine these facts: 5. Zombies absorb otherwise useless bullets. 4. Zombies don’t consume food; this limits the amount of waste […]

Eco-Friendly Jewelry Designs a “Sister Act”

Editor’s note:  We don’t sell iram-inal designs in the sustainablog Green Choices store… just thought this was a great story! Might have to look into listing these products… Mari and Lani (Malene) Davis were once two little girls with a simple dream: to create “delicious designs” for sustainable jewelry from items that most people would […]

January 27th

Shopping for the Green and Local – Online

GenGreenLife, National Geographic Green Guide and partner to form new online portal to green products and services Looking for a carpet cleaner that doesn’t use all kinds of dangerous high-VOC cleaning products? Have a hunkering for some tofurkey slices but are out of town and away from your favorite natural foods grocer? If you […]

January 13th

A Free Cab Ride that’s Eco-Friendly? It can Happen.

My husband and I got a free cab ride while we were in Dublin on vacation. Yes, free. And even better, it was eco-friendly. After exploring the city on foot for two days straight, we decided we wanted to be chauffeured to our final tourist destination. So we hopped in an Ecocab. What’s an Ecocab? […]

July 22nd

Low Impact Living: Twelve Tips for Eco-Friendly Lawn Care

Editor’s note: While many will argue that there’s no such thing as an “eco-friendly lawn” (with justification), the grass covered yard is still a staple of most homes. Today, our friends at Low Impact Living have some tips for green grass care… This post was originally published on May 7, 2008. Summer is just around […]

May 12th

Shop Green Online with thepurplebook

Unless you live a Compact-like lifestyle, you are going to be shopping on a somewhat regular basis. Whether it be home improvements, gifts, furnishings, crafts, gardening, fashions, babies, sports, pets or anything else you have going on, there is a green option to be found. But where do you buy from? I’m all for promoting […]

March 3rd