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Does Tree House Building Sound Like a Good Time?

How about wind-turbine construction?  And a big family-friendly party in the midst of all the building projects? Sound like your kind of thing? Then you may want to make your way to Tecumseh, Missouri-based ecovillage East Wind Community during the first week of June for the Villages in the Sky festival. Inspired by well-know events […]

Green Community Models: the Ecovillage

If you ever found yourself forced to define the term “community,” you might find yourself reverting to something akin to Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s attempt to define pornography: “I know it when I see it.” While different communities have different purposes, goals, and activities, they’ve all got one thing in common: resource sharing. You […]

November 24th

First Ecovillage in the Netherlands

The ‘Ecovillage’ movement is not new, but, along with many other green ideas, it is growing steadily these days. Ecovillages come in different varieties, but they hold a few basic characteristics in common. They try to combine great ecological sensibility and responsibility with innovative social environments that are supportive and fair. Different communities use or […]

March 1st