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5 US Towns Seeking Energy Independence with Renewable Resources

You may have gotten your fill of the phrase “energy independence” with last year’s election: both parties and presidential candidates touted the idea repeatedly. It’s a compelling concept…  it’s also contentious. For some, energy independence means harvesting solar, wind, and geothermal power; for others, it’s the motivation behind “Drill, baby, drill!” Either way, it’s a […]

GreenTalk Radio: The Urban Homesteading Path to Freedom with Jules Dervaes

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Jules Dervaes of Path to Freedom. Path to Freedom  is a grassroots, family operated, viable urban homesteading project established to promote a simpler and more fulfilling lifestyle and reduce one family’s “footprint” on the earth’s dwindling resources.It was established in 2001 in Pasadena, California by Jules Dervaes. [Courtesy […]

January 29th

There’s Nothing Energy Independent (and sustainable) about Nuclear Energy

Suppose we suspend our “precautionary principle” and understanding about the Three Mile Island crisis. You know, that 1979 national emergency caused by a partial meltdown triggered by a loss of reactor cooling water. Unfortunately, over the last three decades, neither plant owners nor the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) have adequately addressed the basic flaws in […]

October 22nd

Power To The People: Heartbreak Hill(ary)

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is a Democrat and the junior US Senator from the state of New York. She is serving her second term in the US Senate. Hillary, as everyone in world probably knows, was the Former First Lady of the United States. She is married to Former President Bill Clinton and they have […]

December 19th