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sustainablog Approved: the Mi-Bra Organic Cotton Sports Bra

You’d probably feel pretty safe claiming that eco-entrepreneurs want to make money by saving the planet… or, to quote Ray Anderson, to “do well by doing good.” As I’ve conducted these sustainablog Approved interviews, though, I’ve seen that such statements may be a bit a broad for defining the motivations of most green start-ups. Yes, […]

Green Business Blog Carnival #1 Up at Triplepundit

I’m a little late to the game here (see yesterday’s Five for Friday for my excuse), but definitely wanted to give a “heads up” for the inaugural editor of the Green Business Blog Carnival. Nick published it yesterday morning at Triplepundit, and we’re really pleased with our initial offering of some of the best green […]

De-jobbing America: Unraveling the Employment Economy

There’s just too much emphasis on “getting a job” these days. Okay, so we’re at nearly 10 percent unemployment nationally (if you believe the Federal numbers), so many people are without a steady stream of bi-monthly paychecks. Yet, 90 percent of Americans who had a job when the economy tanked, still do. But for some […]

October 7th

Google Wants to Give you $10 million

If you think you have an idea that could change the world, or the reality for many people, Google wants to hear about it. And, if they like it, they might pay you up to $10 million. Project “10 to the 100th”, in honour of Google’s 10th anniversary of helping you surf the web (and […]

September 25th

Paying People to Recycle… Sort of..

Several years ago, I had an idea (which I may have brought up here… can’t find it if I did): why not harness market forces (or, at least, the desire to save money) to encourage people to throw away less. My idea: charge by the pound for garbage collection, but credit households and businesses for […]

December 20th