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Not just Creating Little Treehuggers: Environmental Education as a Learning System

What’s going on in Washington these days? Duh, debt ceiling negotiations, right? Fortunately, that’s not all… there is still legislation in the works that addresses other issues beyond government spending. One bill that’s back: the No Child Left Inside Act, which would provide a funding mechanism for state environmental education initiatives. Of course, this isn’t […]

President’s Environmental Youth Awards Recognize Green Student Leaders

[social_buttons]How many of the environmental education initiatives that you know of were started by teachers, parents, or non-profit organizations? That’s typical: from artistic approaches to rainwater harvesting to solar boat building, most efforts at teaching kids about environmental issues start with adults. But students often come up with their own programs, too, and the President’s […]

November 20th

Educating Our Children

We are influenced throughout our life by the company we keep, the groups and issues we engage in, and the people we respect and learn from. But is there anything that compares to what we learn from our parents as children? We can see the way children imitate their parents, even as adults. Children learn […]

July 18th