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EPA Announces $600 MM in Stimulus to Clean-up 50 of Most Polluted Sites

Fifty hazardous waste sites in 28 states are to get $582 million in stimulus money, the United States Environmental Protection Agency announced this week. The cash injection is a boon for clean-up efforts, according to the New York Times. For around half of those sites, the money is helping continue clean-up efforts that have languished or ceased since last […]

April 15th

EPA Uses Google Earth-based Interactive Database to Spot Energy Opportunities

The Environmental Protection Agency has released an interactive Google Earth-based database which pinpoints energy development opportunities on contaminated properties. According to Biofuels Digest, the EPA’s site shows opportunities for solar, wind and biomass benefits, by combining Google Earth visuals with the database list of places that show promise for progress. The “Renewable Energy on Contaminated […]

September 29th

Civilized Communication About Global Warming, Energy, Environment And Stuff; Naysayers, I’m Open for Persuasion

Why do we have give-and-takes like this? A: “Global warming exists. Let’s do something about it.” B: “Screw you! Global warming is a commie, liberal farce!” A: “We should harvest the wind and sun for energy.” B: “Screw you! My car is set up for petroleum; my house likes coal-fired electricity…commie, liberal farce!” “We should care […]

September 12th