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New Year, New Start: Going Green in the Office

Now that you’re back from the festive break – feeling refreshed and re-energized – it’s the perfect time to give your office that much needed revamp you’ve been putting off. According to GOV.UK, a low number of businesses were recycling in 2013. The government are hoping to move to a more ‘eco-friendly environment’ in 2014, […]

January 7th

Can Organic Yerba Mate Save the Amazon Rainforest?

If you’re an American reader, you may well be asking “yerba what-tay?” That’s understandable: Elephant Journal described this caffeinated drink as “the soccer (football) of the natural products world—popular and well-loved, but unknown in the US.” It’s catching on, though, and Guayaki Yerba Mate (which is sold in the sustainablog store in organic loose tea […]

Financial Sustainability: The Best Things in Life are Free

Millions of Americans are declaring financial sustainability, even if they don’t exactly call it that. After all, we can’t borrow our way out of debt. We’re paying down or paying off credit cards. We’re getting rid of our mortgage or putting an extra payment toward the principal balance (which has huge cost savings advantages). Or […]

September 16th

Starbucks to Double Its Purchase of Fair Trade Coffee in 2009

Earlier this month, Starbucks took a beating by environmentalists when it was reported that the coffee chain was wasting up to 6 million gallons of water daily. Just a few weeks later, the are making environmental news again, but this time for something positive they are doing. Yesterday, TransFair USA and the Fairtrade Labelling Organiations […]

October 29th

Ecopreneur or Entrepreneur: What’s the difference?

There are many ways in which entrepreneurs and ecopreneurs are similar. Both embrace failure and are idea driven, innovative, creative, risk tolerant, flexible, adaptable, freedom minded and independent. Perhaps you could add a few more defining characteristics as well. However, ecopreneurs go beyond organic, beyond compliance to laws and regulations (or redefine them), beyond consumerism, […]

June 11th

A Guide To Low Impact Gifting

The month of June is filled with weddings, birthdays and anniversaries! During this much celebrated time of year you may find yourself generously giving a great deal but do you consider the environmental impacts of the gifts you give? Here are a few ways you can reduce these impacts: When choosing a gift, consider buying […]

June 9th

Green Shopping Spotlight: Organic Style

Thanksgiving is only a week away, which means the gift-giving season is in full swing. To make your seasonal shopping easier and more sustainable, I’m bringing you a series of green online stores that offer a wide variety of eco-gifts that would make anyone on your list feel appreciated. The first offering in this series […]

November 15th