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Is Krill Oil Your New Best Source for Omega-3s?

What’s that smell?  Another slightly fishy health fad, of course!  Krill oil capsules are becoming a popular alternative to fish oil, but questions remain: are they really better?  And is it sustainable?  Well, I’ll share what I’ve found and leave the rest up to you. In terms of health benefits, krill oil is claimed to […]

August 29th

Taxpayer Dollars Subsidizing Destruction

By Lester R. Brown One way to correct market failures is tax shifting—raising taxes on activities that harm the environment so that their prices begin to reflect their true cost and offsetting this with a reduction in income taxes. A complementary way to achieve this goal is subsidy shifting. Each year the world’s taxpayers provide […]

Environmental Defense Fund: Good Advice for Seafood Lovers

Today’s guest blogger is EDF scientist Tim Fitzgerald. [social_buttons] Ever stare at the seafood counter and wonder where all that fish comes from? Maybe not, but I do, and a new article in Martha Stewart’s Body+Soul magazine wades through some other issues that might be on your mind – overfishing, fish farming, omega-3s and mercury. […]

July 16th

Earth Policy Institute: Expanding Marine Protected Areas to Restore Fisheries

By Lester R. Brown After World War II, accelerating population growth and steadily rising incomes drove the demand for seafood upward at a record pace. At the same time, advances in fishing technologies, including huge refrigerated processing ships that enabled trawlers to exploit distant oceans, enabled fishers to respond to the growing world demand. In […]

November 13th