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Gator Glyss: Natural Soap Funds Biodiesel Production

Like many schools, the University of Florida has developed a number of programs and efforts to produce and promote renewable energy. Mechanical and aerospace engineering major Eric Layton saw an opportunity to learn in a proposed biodiesel plant, and threw himself into the project whole-heartedly: according to the Gainesville Sun, “He helped build and maintain […]

December 24th

Florida College Grads Now Cleaning Offices

While your immediate response to the headline may have been “Yeah, the economy’s tough,” or “Hmmm… they must’ve been English, art history, or film studies majors,” Florida Gulf Coast University graduates Kylee Snyder and Michael Brinkman aren’t cleaning “country clubs, fitness centers, office buildings, restaurants and vacation rentals” because they had no other options. Rather, […]

Florida Considers Carbon Control

Florida Governor Charlie Crist (R) signed an executive order last summer to develop a carbon market in the state, and has been making other good strides in the renewable energy department. Now, the governor, lawmakers, and Florida-based companies are debating the two main methods of carbon control: A carbon tax or a cap-and-trade system. A […]

January 22nd