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Why World Food Prices May Keep Climbing

By Lester R. Brown In February, world food prices reached the highest level on record. Soaring food prices are already a source of spreading hunger and political unrest, and it appears likely that they will climb further in the months ahead. As a result of an extraordinarily tight grain situation, this year’s harvest will be […]

Holy Shit! Can Manure Management Save Us?

“Holy Shit!” is damned right. Here’s a book about just that — manure. Precious, plentiful, misunderstood manure. Cow manure, horse poop, human feces, dog shit, you name it, Gene Logsdon writes about it. In this recent book (affiliate link) from good ol’ contrary farmer Gene Logsdon, the wonder and mystery and amazing fertilizing power of […]

January 18th

Awesome Perennial Plants: How To Grow Strawberries

Are you hoping to expand your garden or get one started? Perennial vegetables are species of plants that can save you lots of labor in the garden, since they come back year after year, and require much less work than the more common annuals. Most of the vegetables we eat are annuals, including tomatoes, peppers, […]

March 15th