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Showcase Your Furniture Recycling Talents to Help Save Endangered Animals

Are you a creative and resourceful person who turns other people’s “trash” into like-new treasures? Or maybe you are the person all of your friends calls for help to revamp their home furnishing hand-me-downs into focal points of their rooms’? If so, Fashion for Home, one of the United Kingdom’s leading designer furniture retailers, wants to showcase your talents, and give support to endangered rainforest animals.

July 23rd

Reclaimed Wood Decor: Incorporating this Reused Material into Your Home

Reclaimed wood is one of the hottest eco-friendly trends to come out of the interior design world. With products like reclaimed wood flooring and veneer paneling, the options and uses available with this type of lumber are limited only by your imagination. By learning more about this type of eco-friendly material, you can make educated decisions about the home design products you choose.

May 22nd

Freecycling: Get a Great Green Look for Next to Nothing

Is Freecycling right for you and your family? For young couples just starting out and for those who are experiencing a temporary crisis in the family budget, Freecycling can be a lifesaver, but saving money is only one of the reasons for joining this program which allows its members to advertise unneeded, useful items which […]

October 26th

Lessons from Little House on the Prairie

I’m reading a book about wood. The title is “Wood,” by Harvey Green. It’s written a bit like the slightly more popular and accessible books by a different author titled “Salt” and “Cod” by Mark Kurlansky. But “Wood” is about our use of wood in home construction, furniture, machinery, packaging, religion—everything. In this book, the […]

October 4th