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Revenge of the Angry Mermaid

Copenhagen is a water town, and the iconic symbol of Denmark’s capital city is the Little Mermaid silently standing watch over the harbor. Next month the Little Mermaid welcomes the global community coming to negotiate at least the foundation of an international treaty at the COP15 climate conference to carry beyond the Kyoto Protocol expiring […]

November 17th

Climate Change Conference Calls on US for Reduction Targets

This post was written by Stacy Feldman (reporting from Barcelona, Spain), and originally published at SolveClimate. The United States must deliver concrete mid-term greenhouse gas reduction targets by next month or it will destroy efforts to achieve a framework for a global climate change deal in Copenhagen, United Nations climate chief Yvo de Boer said […]

November 3rd

Scientists Behaving Badly

[social_buttons] The discussions following my two last posts about climate change opinion shifts and about an anti-science coalition have made it clear that one of the reasons people distrust science is that “Science” fails to speak with one voice.  There are definitely forces from the outside of Science that erode trust, but there are also […]

October 30th

EDF: Dominique Browning, Award-Winning Editor and Author, Launches New Column

Dominique Browning, the former editor-in-chief of House and Garden, is partnering with Environmental Defense Fund to launch a new column called “Personal Nature: Dominique Browning’s distinctive take on all things environmental“. The column will highlight the human impacts of environmental threats like climate change and ocean pollution. Her first piece explores the language we use […]

October 7th

B.S. And Organic Marketing – Figuratively and Literally

[social_buttons] The large-scale Organic dairy cooperative, “Organic Valley” has just sunk to a new low in the practice of “I will market against my farmer neighbors by stoking consumer’s fears.” They announced that they have launched an on-line calculator that is supposed to show you how much pesticide and fertilizer use is avoided when you […]

September 25th

Sustainability Spending with Frugality Rules

Okay.  So, the shopping spree may be over.  It’s hard to pick up a newspaper or listen to a TV station that doesn’t have a story about it.  Meanwhile, advertisers keep putting things on sale to get us spending again.  However, millions of Americans are waking up with a debt-hangover and have adopted a new […]

July 29th

Top Global Warming Causes – Natural or Human?

If you’ve followed the debate over climate change even a little, you likely know the main causes of global warming: concentrations of greenhouse gases build up in the Earth’s atmosphere, and create a “greenhouse,” or warming effect. You’re likely also aware that evidence of past warming periods has fueled the argument that natural causes are […]