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A Warming World Could Mean More Destructive Storms

By Lester R. Brown Elevated global temperatures bring a number of threats, including rising seas and more crop-withering heat waves. Higher surface water temperatures in the tropical oceans also provide more energy to drive tropical storm systems, leading to more-destructive hurricanes and typhoons. The combination of rising seas, more powerful storms, and stronger storm surges […]

Melting Ice Could Lead to Massive Waves of Climate Refugees

As the earth warms, the melting of the earth’s two massive ice sheets—Antarctica and Greenland—could raise sea level enormously. If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt, it would raise sea level 7 meters (23 feet). Melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet would raise sea level 5 meters (16 feet). But even just partial melting of these ice sheets will have a dramatic effect on sea level rise.

Bjorn Lomborg on Who the Environmentalists Forgot

When the headlines told us that the global warming debate was over, it seemed like we environmentalists could breathe a collective sigh of relief. The United States elected a cap-and-trade-sympathetic administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency says it is going to exert some of the “P” in its acronym after it formally labeled carbon dioxide […]

June 4th

SolveClimate: Universities Start Tailoring Degrees to Green Jobs

Image credit: Jack Dempsey and NREL/DOE Written by Renee Cho and published on May 10, 2009, at SolveClimate. [social_buttons]Green jobs go far beyond the hands-on renewable energy and energy efficiency work that the Obama administration emphasizes with each new project and grant announcement. To deal with the effects of climate change, jobs will be springing […]

May 11th

NYC Mayor Bloomberg says Turn off Engines

Idle hands are the devil’s workshop, mothers are fond of saying, but idling engines are being targeted as a worse offender. Mom meant that if you’re not busy doing something constructive, bad things were bound to follow. That’s also the rationale behind NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s latest law aimed at making the city more eco […]

February 13th

Is Climate Change Making Us Mental?

If you were to click on my bio here for Sustainablog, you’d see that I started down this green path because my son who was six at the time had read about global warming and gave us the “what for” over the SUV we owned. We joke now with him that he was the one […]

February 11th