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Green Business Blog Carnival #9 at the Matter Network

Yep, the dog days are here, and everyone’s moving a little slowly… including me! Fortunately, David Ferris at the Matter Network was on top of his game on Friday, and published the ninth edition of the Green Business Blog Carnival. A bit of a slow week (see above), but some unique news and insights as […]

De-jobbing America: Unraveling the Employment Economy

There’s just too much emphasis on “getting a job” these days. Okay, so we’re at nearly 10 percent unemployment nationally (if you believe the Federal numbers), so many people are without a steady stream of bi-monthly paychecks. Yet, 90 percent of Americans who had a job when the economy tanked, still do. But for some […]

October 7th

GreenTalk Radio: Strategies for the Green Economy with Joel Makower

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks about business strategies and opportunities in the new green economy with LOHAS industry writer, speaker, and executive editor Joel Makower. Joel is the author of the best-selling book Strategies for the Green Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in the New World of Business. [Courtesy of our friends at] […]

January 27th

10 Ways that Social Media and Sustainability Line Up

The mega-trends of social media and sustainability share plenty of the same DNA. The Arnold Palmer is an exceptional beverage. It takes two individual beverages, iced tea and lemonade, each very good in their own right, and creates an even better one. That’s how we feel about social media and green living i.e. sustainability. There […]

August 25th

ABC’s for Green Investors and Entrepreneurs

Hi Everyone, I’d like to thank Green Options for inviting me to join their team of writers. I’ve been an eco-entrepreneur my whole career, over 25 years. These days, I help connect green leaders and the general public in new ways that accelerate benefits to people and the biosphere. One of the most vital, energetic, […]

June 3rd

Reporting in from Good Jobs, Green Jobs: A National Green Jobs Conference

Good Jobs, Green Jobs: A National Green Jobs Conference is coordinated by the Blue Green Alliance, a strategic partnership between the United Steelworkers and the Sierra Club. A diverse group comes together to talk about how to move the green economy forward with good, well paying, stable jobs for workers in the United States and beyond.

March 13th