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FTC Green Guide & Marketing: Greenwashing or Truth in Advertising?

Green is a hot trend, and businesses try to capitalize on consumers’ concern for the environment by touting their products’ eco-friendly traits.  “Recyclable”, “natural”, “compostable”, “biodegradable”, “organic”…what do these terms mean?  Unfortunately for consumers, there are no standards or consensus about what green actually signifies. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the governmental agency in […]

August 24th

Greenpeace and Kimberly-Clark Accused of Greenwashing

[social_buttons] Last week Greenpeace said it was okay to buy Kimberly-Clark (K-C) products again so I loaded up my shopping cart with Kleenex, Scott paper towels and Cottonelle toilet paper.  After years of fighting, Greenpeace and K-C finally reached an agreement.  The corporation will begin sourcing fiber responsibly, and the NGO will end its Kleercut […]

August 10th

ZapRoot: Killing Bambi for Your Salad

From our friends at ZapRoot: Farmers take it to the extreme to protect their crops. The Auto Alliance has jump on the green bandwagon. These Guys are Full of **it returns. Links for this week’s edition: sustainablog – Killing for Crops Gas 2.0 – Ecodriving with the AAM EcoScraps – McDonalds Green Billboard Shell and […]

The Six Sins of Greenwash… and How to Repent

I’ve come across so many claims of “greenwash” in the last year or so that I’ve become a bit inured to them: for some environmental activists, making this charge against any form of corporate sustainability efforts seems reflexive. Of course, my mild cynicism towards such claims isn’t much better: there certainly are marketers that, knowingly […]

November 23rd