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Green Pest Control: Fall Tips for Your Home and Garden

As temperatures start to cool and the weather gets wetter, the chances of finding unwanted pests in and around your home will increase. Homes provide the ideal environment for pests seeking shelter, food, water and hiding spots in preparation for the cold winter months. By using the green pest control tips below, you can ward off some of the most unwanted pests this Fall.

October 12th

Are Replacement Windows the Only Option for an Old House?

We’re all aware to some degree the energy savings that can be realized with the right windows in your house. And, many of us have faced the dilemma of moving forward with these efficiency upgrades while limiting the aesthetic architectural damage that might come to a coveted home as a result. Many of the finest […]

March 31st

How to Install a Solar Air Heater

Solar air heaters are extremely environmentally friendly and they will greatly reduce your home’s carbon footprint and energy bills. They require little or no maintenance and they will last for years. Solar air heaters heat air in an “air collector.” The system absorbs and collects solar radiation and transfers the solar heat to a storage […]

March 25th

Give Yourself an Eco-Luxurious Home Facial

As spring buds become summer blooms, it’s a perfect time to refresh and renew tired skin so that it better reflects the radiance of the season. Thankfully, all it takes is the right natural ingredients and a little know-how and you can treat yourself to an exhilarating at-home experience that rivals the most expensive spas.  […]

Save Water at Home: Make Your Own Rain Barrel

You probably already know just how precious water is, and how important it is to conserve it, but here’s something you could do to take that one step further. You can save water off of your rooftop with your own rain barrel system. Do you have a garden that needs regular watering? Then this is […]

March 24th

EDF: Dominique Browning, Award-Winning Editor and Author, Launches New Column

Dominique Browning, the former editor-in-chief of House and Garden, is partnering with Environmental Defense Fund to launch a new column called “Personal Nature: Dominique Browning’s distinctive take on all things environmental“. The column will highlight the human impacts of environmental threats like climate change and ocean pollution. Her first piece explores the language we use […]

October 7th

Green Talk Radio: The Not So Big House

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief, discusses small home living and the growth of New Urbanism with Sarah Susanka of Susanka Studios, author of The Not So Big House. [Courtesy of our friends at] Click Play Below,or The Not So Big House

April 23rd