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Sweet Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Design

There’s no doubt: people are excited about building their own DIY, inexpensive ovens for baking pizza, bread, and other delicious foods. For all of those folks, I want to highlight this particularly unique design for a wood-fired pizza oven, built in a greenhouse.

November 25th

The Easiest Way to Grow Your Own Potatoes

I gotta admit, I’m something of a lazy gardener. I will always seek out the easiest way to plant vegetables and grow my own food. But I have some good excuses, too: I don’t like tilling soil because it disrupts the soil life, and why would I spend all that time weeding when I can […]

May 26th

sustainablog’s Top Ten Posts of 2010

Now that the holiday consumption orgy is just about over (still the after-holiday sales), we’re all thinking about the new year: resolutions, changes, predictions, etc. You may also be taking some time to reflect on 2010… and, wow, what a year it was. From the BP oil spill and weird weather to rising gas prices […]

December 27th

Awesome Perennial Garden Plants: How To Grow Rhubarb

Mm, mm. Ever have delicious strawberry and rhubarb jam? Do you want to be able to make your own? Well, it’s actually incredibly easy to grow rhubarb, the yummy and hardy perennial garden vegetable, popular in sweet jams, sauces, and cakes, and pies. Rhubarb is a cold hardy and drought-resistant vegetable, making it very easy […]

May 11th

Collecting Rainwater Becomes a ‘Thing’

Just as technology continues to infiltrate the masses, becoming less and less a geeks toy, so environmental consciousness and awareness continue to spread. For some, it might be as simple as bringing calico bags to the supermarket. For others, it is taking your house off the grid and growing your own veggies. But one area […]

September 5th