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Water Proof: the History and Future of Water Conservation

For the developed world, water is a seemingly ubiquitous resource. Many Americans often take it for granted. Submerged in a culture of excess, it’s often difficult to keep one’s head above the waste. Water conservation is a murky subject for the average consumer. We’re often more likely to recycle than forgo filling our swimming pool. Thus, the history and future of conservation is worth examining.

August 5th

Ray Anderson: A Revealing Chat with a Radical Industrialist

Ray Anderson‘s epiphany about his own role in environmental destruction after reading Paul Hawken’s The Ecology of Commerce has taken on mythic status in the fifteen years since. The “spear in the chest moment” he experienced transformed Anderson into a leader in sustainable thought and practice within American industry, and his company, Interface, Inc. (which […]

Greening the Restaurant Industry

Note: Scroll to the bottom to find out about the new Green Kitchen Certification offered by Food Service Warehouse Dear Readers, Some of you have inquired about how I’ve been spending my time since wrapping up production (and living) on the Sust Enable project at the end of July.  As I wrote in my post […]

October 8th

Human Industry and Human Responsibility in the Life of Gaia

James Lovelock’s Gaia theory, that the Earth is a single living organism, has been invoked countless times by environmentalists. In their uses (and abuses) of it, the theory becomes evidence for humanity’s connection with nature and so our responsibility to treat nature with care. In fact, Lovelock is anything but an “environmentalist” in the traditional […]

September 24th