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Clean Tech Finland: Funding & Support (pt. 2)

Image credit: / CC BY 2.0 You may have responded to my post on Finnish funding agency Tekes in a fashion similar to Cleantechies’ Ian Thomson: “I was left scratching my head and pondering the efficacy of this somewhat socialist approach to promoting capitalism.” He’s got a point: from the presentation we heard, you […]

December 29th

How to Feed the World and Get a Nobel Prize: Invent an Efficient Small Scale Haber/Bosch Process

[social_buttons] Ok, I didn’t actually clear this challenge with the Nobel Committee, but I think we could convince them.  Nobels were awarded early in the 20th century when German scientists Fritz Haber and Carl Bosch made the sequential advances that made it possible to make synthetic nitrogen fertilizer from the nitrogen gas that makes up […]

November 14th

Chinese Bamboo Keyboard Manufacturer a Local Green Design Leader

Jiangqiao Bamboo and Wood hails from China’s Jiangxi province, where bamboo resources are plentiful. Though the company began as a flooring company, they are now diversifying their production to include the latest in green design: bamboo keyboards. In recent years, bamboo – a rapidly regenerating material – has gained popularity as a sturdy, sustainable alternative […]

May 7th