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Natural Pest Control: Using Bugs to Fight Bugs in the Wild

Did you know that not every insect is a bug? A bug is a very specific kind of insect we call hemipterans, or true bugs. Following are the contributions of several insects that actually bug other bugs, providing a service that is so significant to humans, we should honor them with a national holiday.

September 17th

So Will It Be Porterhouse Steak or Deep-Fried Locust for Dinner?

Editor’s note: This story’s really caught on around the green blogosphere… and it’s just coincidence that I also wrote about eating insects at SUNfiltered this week. Enjoy Lior Levin’s take on the subject… he works with a couple of Internet start-ups such as Producteev, a task management company in New York, and a nursing wear […]

August 13th

Can You Name that Schlong?

UPDATE: We’ve got a new Green Porno contest running… check it out. If you’ve had dreams about Isabella Rossellini wandering through a forest of enlarged animal penises (peni?), either you need to get to the shrink quickly, or you’ve been watching Sundance Channel’s Green Porno series very regularly. If the latter’s the case, let’s see […]

Beautiful Photos of Katydids

Katydids visited our back porch on the past several weekends. The way their bodies were designed to look like leaves impressed me, and also made me think about how much of a conundrum these insects are. In fact, it made very confused as to my beliefs in evolution and god. In the end I suppose […]

September 29th

Confessions of a Vegetarian Mosquito Killer

Five Funny Reasons to Love Mosquitoes I’m a mosquito hunter. If you’ve seen the Monty Python sketch, then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, just scroll down. For me, there’s nothing more maddening than the high-pitch whine of a mosquito in my ear just as I’m drifting off to sleep. On any […]

September 22nd

Isabella Rossellini Makes Porno – Available Online

Do I have you attention? Okay, good. Now, get your mind out of the gutter and instead turn your thoughts to the sex life of insects and other creatures. Isabella Rossellini has created an eight-part short film series titled “Green Porno” in conjunction with Robert Redford’s Sundance Channel. These eight film shorts premiered back in […]

September 18th