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Freecycling: Get a Great Green Look for Next to Nothing

Is Freecycling right for you and your family? For young couples just starting out and for those who are experiencing a temporary crisis in the family budget, Freecycling can be a lifesaver, but saving money is only one of the reasons for joining this program which allows its members to advertise unneeded, useful items which […]

October 26th

Grass to Gas: Landfills Want Yard Waste

A landfill gas-to-energy plant in Conestoga, Pennsylvania. When it comes to corporations fighting climate change, landfill owners don’t necessarily leap to mind. But in Michigan, the landfill industry is working to repeal a 19-year-old ban on the disposal of grass clippings and tree trimmings in dumps — on the grounds that the yard waste, mixed […]

November 15th

Throwing Out the Throwaway Economy

[social_buttons] The stresses in our early twenty-first century civilization take many forms—social, economic, environmental, and political. One distinctly unhealthy and visible illustration of all four is the swelling flow of garbage associated with a throwaway economy. As noted in my book Plan B 3.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization, throwaway products were first conceived following World […]

August 20th