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LEED Buildings Can Now Obtain "Bird Friendly" Credits

Many of us are doing our part to protect the environment while reducing our impact as well. There are more people than ever embracing environmentally friendly, green technologies. There are solar powered garage doors, mobile device chargers, and even chargers installed into one’s backpack.

November 30th

Florida College Grads Now Cleaning Offices

While your immediate response to the headline may have been “Yeah, the economy’s tough,” or “Hmmm… they must’ve been English, art history, or film studies majors,” Florida Gulf Coast University graduates Kylee Snyder and Michael Brinkman aren’t cleaning “country clubs, fitness centers, office buildings, restaurants and vacation rentals” because they had no other options. Rather, […]

Measuring Sustainability on Campus: AASHE Launches Pilot of STARS

What’s the best defense against charges of “greenwashing?” Its measurement, of course: accurate, verifiable assessments provide evidence that an institution is “walking the walk” in its efforts to operate more sustainably. While the business world might have the most to gain in terms of releasing concrete data regarding sustainability initiatives, higher education’s enthusiastic embrace of […]

February 11th

Sustainable Architecture Benefits Chicago’s Underprivileged

The urban fabric of Chicago is getting greener every year. Since 1989, more than 500,000 trees have been planted, more than 80 miles of landscaped medians constructed, and 2 million square feet of green roofs built or negotiated—more than all other American cities combined. But the more significant greening is happening in the built environment, […]

December 3rd

Green Building Moving Ahead in Pittsburgh

If you were asked “What’s the second greenest city in the US in terms of “square-footage of commercial or industrial buildings with Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design ratings,” would you have guessed Pittsburgh? Me neither, but this article from Pittsburgh’s Post-Gazette makes that claim, and gives much of the credit to Rebecca Flora, executive […]