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Veganism: A Fad? Or the Future of Food? [Infographic]

While we haven’t done as much on veganism lately as we once did when Justin was submitting posts regularly, we’re still mindful of the impacts of the traditional animal-based diet on the environment and human health. So, while many will call this lifestyle choice a “fad” encouraged by the celebrity set, we know that veganism […]

February 21st

The Day I Slaughtered a Duck And Ate It

Last weekend, I slaughtered a duck. My partner and I recently traded several jars of pickles and some homemade butter for a whole duck from our friends at a nearby community, Red Earth Farms. The trick was that we had to slaughter, butcher, and clean the duck ourselves.

December 3rd

4 Ways You Can Entertain Yourself… Sustainably

So much of modern entertainment comes with a high ecological price tag, is socially isolating and disabling, and is downright culturally degrading at times, too. There are huge markets devoted to keeping people glued to their flashy television sets, buying the latest time-sucking video and computer games, convincing people to shell out over $10 for […]

October 22nd

Why I Love Flea Markets

Reduce, reuse, recycle. How many times have you heard that one? Whatever the case, one of my favorite ways to practice the second “r” is by frequenting the local flea markets. Why buy new when there’s plenty of used items in this world that could use a good home? I am convinced you could get […]

September 9th

Living Off the Grid: the New American Rebellion?

You may have noticed that we’ve published more content in recent months on off-grid living: my connection to the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, and introduction to a number of writers living this way, has provided great insight into the day-to-day practices of those who rely on solar panels or wind turbines for energy, rain collection and wells for […]

Break The Chains and Reject What is “Normal”

It’s time to live. It’s time to get in touch. The hyper-consumer, capitalist, exploitative, environmentally degrading way of life we call “normal” or “reality” cannot continue. This lifestyle we’ve come to know isn’t working. We’re all suffering for it, and it’s not clear how much more our fragile planet can take. It’s time to reject […]

July 5th

Living With The Seasons: What Are You Doing Right Now?

What are you doing during this time of year? Are you in your office, sitting in front of a computer? Are you outside in a garden, harvesting lettuce and greens? When it gets brighter earlier, do you wake up earlier, too? Is the winter snow merely a deterrent to getting to work? Does your day-to-day […]

June 21st