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What Can a Soccer Ball Teach Us about Embodied Energy?

When I stumbled upon this video of the production of an Adidas 2010 World Cup soccer ball, it struck me as a huge lesson in embodied energy. Embodied energy is a term to describe all of the energy that goes into the production of a product, whether it be a carrot, a book, a pair […]

March 10th

Four Missouri Communities Demonstrate Sustainability

There’s a revolution happening in the middle of the country, outside of urban influence, in the rolling prairies, and nestled amongst fields of corn, wheat, and soybeans. You might be surprised to learn that it is Missouri that is growing to be something of a hotbed for the ecological living movement. Northeast Missouri is home […]

February 24th

10 Sustainable Lifestyle Tips: #6-10

Lifestyle is the biggest underlying contributor to our environmental impact. The things we buy, the products we use, the way we travel, are all influenced greatly by our lifestyle. Our lifestyle is the root of all our green (or not green) actions in some way or another. How we think, what we think about, how […]

July 27th

Sustainable Living Rule #2: Have FUN

If the revolution isn’t fun, you’re doing it wrong. I often wonder what people imagine when they hear I’m trying to live environmentally sustainably for three months.  Do they picture me living in a tree, hunting rabbits and eating grass?  Do they think “oh, I could never do that for myself,” or do they think […]

June 30th

The Green Cleaning Challenge: Substituting Chemicals With Vegetables

I have discovered the holy grail of green cleaners! There are very few situations in which consuming unnecessary chemicals seems like a good idea so I decided to re-vamp my cleaning supplies. Slowly I am substituting my traditional products for vegetable-based products which are more safe and sustainable and I challenge you to try the […]

June 2nd