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Green Technology Leads to More Jobs

The global demand for batteries is expected to grow exponentially over the next 20 years. We cannot make the conversion to clean energy without first acknowledging the need for energy storage and transfer (better batteries and a smarter grid). Despite the important role these parts play in green energy, the economic impact of this domestic […]

November 24th

sustainablog Approved: Recycled Bags and More from Greensmart

Starting a green business is tough enough… now imagine being a successful small producer of a product line and shifting to a environmentally-friendly model. Going back to the beginning on finding suppliers and manufacturers. Letting wholesale and retail customers know that you’re now selling a different kind of product. It’s a challenge many small-er businesses […]

Green Footing Part 1: Much Ado about the Shoe

Editor’s note: We all know shoes leave a footprint, but probably haven’t given much thought to the environmental footprint created by shoe manufacturing. Travis Brown, a student in Professor Simran Sethi’s Media and the Environment course at the University of Kansas, takes a look at the impact of what we put on our feet. This […]