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The Slow Fashion Movement: A Lasting Trend that Gives Back to Consumers, Manufacturers and the Environment

Just as the slow food movement prompted us to think about where and how our food was being produced — agricultural practices, worker safety, cleanliness of factories, treatment of animals, etc. — “slow fashion” encourages fashion “consumers” to consider where and how their clothing is being made and to develop a greater sense of connection to the materials taken from the environment to create their looks.

May 23rd

How to Make Bamboo Even Greener

Today’s post is from Rob Jones, marketer, social media coordinator, and chief blogger for BuildDirect’s green building blog, Green Building News and Views. Rob talks about his colleague at online building materials company BuildDirect, company Co-Founder Robert Banks, who regularly travels the world in search of innovative building products. And in the building materials industry, […]

June 9th

Product Review: act 2-Green Smart Laptop Jacket

A sign that the green movement has truly taken hold: when consumer products made in a green way look exactly like a non-green product. Gone are the days when recycled or organic meant frumpy granola. So I was pleased when I received an act 2-Green Smart‘s All-Around Laptop Jacket by Shoreline in the mail and […]

November 27th

Poop Beneath Your Feet: A Good Thing?

Generally not, but that could change if research being conducted by the University of Michigan and the US Department of Agriculture is successful. The task: developing flooring (and other products) from cow poop…. really! [Researchers] say that fiber from processed and sterilized cow manure could take the place of sawdust in making fiberboard, which is […]

February 12th