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Video Trys To Put Relative Smile on Face of Cargill Slaughterhouse Conditions

There has been much written about the state of the slaughterhouse over the past hundred years, with books like The Jungle blazing an enlightening trail, and the much more modern Fast Food Nation highlighting the current day’s terrible and incredibly dangerous working conditions and questionable sanitary conditions. It is quite rare to actually see the […]

February 15th

Collection of 29 Graphs Demonstrate Climate Change Science

Check this out. Here are all the graphs you could possibly need to demonstrate the current science of global climate change, all in one location. Scott A. Mandia, Professor of Physical Sciences at Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY, has compiled a collection of graphs to support global warming data on Climate Progress.

April 28th

Book Review: The Nation’s Guide to the Nation

For some people, The Nation’s Guide to the Nation by Richard Lingeman and the editors of The Nation could be mistaken for a guidebook for “Cultural Creatives,” we citizens living in America (and abroad) who deeply care about the environment and fellow humankind, where sustainable living is sensible living.  Edited by The Nation’s former executive […]

April 1st

Talk is Cheap. Change is Priceless.

Pop Quiz: The following are statements made by each of the current presidential candidates–Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama. Try to match the comment with the candidate. For answers, see the end of this posting. 1) “My friends, I am most proud of the change that I brought about in Iraq that saved Americans’ […]

The Greatest Show IS Earth

Scientists Oliver Pergams and Patty Zaradic have coined the term “videophilia” to describe “the new human tendency to focus on sedentary activities involving electronic media”.1 So humans now seem to suffer from an ailment involving a craze for nature as delivered through various media–TV shows, movies, magazines, pictures, etc. Rather than getting out and getting […]