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The Ginger Ninjas: Spreading a "Pleasant Revolution" by Bike

No doubt, you’ve heard about efforts by bands/solo acts like Pearl Jam, Sheryl Crow, Guster, and Maroon 5 to “green up” their tours and recordings. Biodiesel-powered tour buses, LED stage lights, and various forms of carbon offsets often play into these initiatives… but all of them could learn a thing or two about reducing their […]

September 19th

Cellist Ben Sollee Tours US by Bike

Ditching the Van After successfully touring by bike from his hometown in Kentucky to the Bonnaroo Music Festival in Tennessee in 2009, Ben Sollee was inspired to launch the Ditch the Van Tour in 2010. He and his band mates have embarked on a transcontinental tour, opting to use bicycles and an occasional train instead […]

September 27th

Trees, Tunes… and More Trees (PPB #37)

We’re starting to wind down here, but still have some guest posts out there. Mike Sowden at EcoSalon took a real smart approach to his: he provides an overview of three recent stories at the blog that fit nicely with our theme: a piece on Trees for Cities, an interview with eco-musicians the Ditty Bops, […]

Help Your Favorite Local Farmers Market Win $5000

It’s an experience many of us relish– taking a weekend stroll through the colors, sounds, and smells of a local farmers market and then choosing fresh items to take back to our homes, as well crafts, or maybe a cd from a local band. We know that the food will eventually fill our stomachs contently, […]

June 2nd

ROTHBURY: A Music Festival With a Purpose

As has been reported on the Green Options network in the past, enviros and music festivals go together like peanut butter and jelly. The synergy between the two may be no more evident than on July 4th weekend 2008, when the town of Rothbury, Michigan will play host to a “party with a purpose.” The […]

April 8th