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Five Natural & Non-Toxic Methods for Insect Control in Your Garden

Nature has been keeping pests in check for a lot longer than any garden spray… and doing a pretty good job in the process. While natural methods for controlling garden insects take some forethought and planning, you’ll end up with fruits and vegetables that you won’t have to worry about feeding to your friends and family… and garden areas you won’t mind the pets rooting around in.

Give Yourself an Eco-Luxurious Home Facial

As spring buds become summer blooms, it’s a perfect time to refresh and renew tired skin so that it better reflects the radiance of the season. Thankfully, all it takes is the right natural ingredients and a little know-how and you can treat yourself to an exhilarating at-home experience that rivals the most expensive spas.  […]

The Nature of “Natural”

[social_buttons] If you go to the Organic Consumers Association website you will see that they are upset about the way that stores like Whole Foods market products as “natural.”  They believe (and they are probably right) that consumers will confuse this with “Organic.”  In fact there are no real rules about what can be called “natural” […]

July 27th