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Organic Farming Would Be Better In Terms of Climate Change Impact. Right?

[social_buttons] I’m probably going to irritate some people with this post.  I apologize in advance because that is not at all my intention.  For those readers that don’t think climate change is a real problem, I respect the fact that there is uncertainty in that science, but if the majority position of climate scientists is true, the […]

November 10th

Earthworms: Do They Help or Hurt in Terms of Climate Change?

[social_buttons] Every once in a while I come across something in the scientific literature that really surprises me.  Because there isn’t much oxygen in a worm gut, it creates the ideal conditions for these particular microbes (“de-nitrifiers”) to turn nitrate (NO3) into nitrogen gas and also generate some nitrous oxide in the process. Nitrous Oxide Ok, some […]

August 5th

Followup to “An Inconvenient Truth about Composting”

[social_buttons] My earlier blog about greenhouse gas emissions from composting generated a lot of good discussion so I am writing to respond. Yes, composting is certainly better than some outcomes like food scraps going into a garbage dump which does not do anything to capture the methane Yes, an anaerobic digester would be a very […]

July 28th

An “Inconvenient Truth” about Composting

Composting is a really green thing to do, right? I’ve always thought so since my Grandfather taught me to do it in the early sixties. Large-scale composting is getting to be quite the rage. The City of San Francisco attracted a great deal of attention with it’s mandatory food scrap recycling program and lots of local […]

July 27th